10 Best 3d Printing Pens

10 Best 3d Printing Pens

3D drawing pens have been hitting the market to add to the already thriving 3D craze that includes printers. Aside from such printers, 3D pens have been hitting the market to ensure that everyone can get a piece of such drawings without spending too much money while at it.

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Below are examples of 10 best 3d printing pens available in the market for your doodling pleasure:-

  • 3doodler

This robust pen comes with 25 strands in a filament pack for refills to ensure fans get to draw away for an extended period of time. The printing pen works by emitting plastic which is melted through heat that becomes solid immediately it is exposed to air as it cools it. It is not only good for studying but is also perfect for repairing 3d objects that have imperfections. The plastic filament coming through the pen makes this possible due its ability to maneuver tight areas to do it.

  • Lay3r

This pen is easy to use thanks to the clear instructions it comes with to ensure everyone above 12 years can have some doodling 3d fun. 3 spools of filament in blue, white and black are included in the pack to ensure one doesn’t get bored by mixing it up. Use it during family time or help your kids grasp some math or science project to spice it up.

  • YaYa3D

This is the perfect pen for students looking to get an “A” in their to art and crafts related school projects. This is made possible by the 0.7mm nozzle that is made of copper to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. You get to draw on the air – yes, thin air – or use another material if you wish. It doesn’t come with any intricate programs that need to be learned to use making it even better for students of various ages. Grown-ups can have fun with it too to decorate their homes by drawing different shapes or for gifting other people as the creations are strong enough to stay in shape.

  • Pjotr

Pjotr loves to experiment with different techniques which aren’t surprising that they came up with a 3d pen that prints using ceramic, enamel, gold plated and gemstones. This is a far cry from the usual plastic pens which are in plenty in the market. This gives professionals looking to come up with prototypes for their jewelry to get the best finish. The results are also guaranteed to give one the required results which should earn one the job, just for the effort.

  • Lix

When they say it’s the smallest 3D pen around, they don’t joke, this pen is sleeker in terms of thickness. Its aluminum body has a diameter of 0.55 inches and a length of 6.45 inches while weighing a cool 1.23 ounces. Don’t be fooled by its size, its performance is at peak which is backed up by its ability to use both PLA and the strongest ABS plastic. You get to doodle in the air or on any material you wish with its fast cooling capabilities.

  • SmartOmni 3D pen

This stereoscopic pen makes it as among the best 3d printing pens as it allows users to have an excellent 3D printing experience. With a diameter of 1.75mm, this pen uses both PLA and ABS technology to print. It also comes with an LCD display to allow one to monitor and adjust the temperature and speed as required. Enjoy the lightweight design!

  • Scribbler

Scribbler is a fancy pen that allows people to see the temperature and to adjust it accordingly through its LCD display. It is also lightweight at 2.3 Oz which is a far cry from other similar pens. This also makes it perfect for kids with its 3 spools of filament – and different colors to ensure they get the best fun doodling.

  • 7Tech 3D pen

If ever you want to give someone a 3D pen as a gift, this is it because its features make it easy to operate and grasp allowing it to feature in best 3d printing pens. It also comes with a 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament making it quite versatile to use. One gets to control the temperature, extrusion speed, and filament and it only weighs 65g although you can’t tell by looking at it. To avoid the pen from jamming which is common with such pens, it has an inbuilt mechanism that ensures it unclogs easily making it easy to maintain.

  • BUKE 3d pen

This lightweight pen ensures that you can use it for as long as you like with its slimmer frame making it even more comfortable. Tweak the temperature settings, adjust the speed to gain control over your pen making it appropriate for kids. It has a plug design that allows users to replace when the heater or nozzle when they become faulty because of its 2-in-1 design. Choose between the available colors to get one that suits your fancy for extra fun.

  • Blusmart 3D pen

This makes it to the best 3d printing pens list because it is packed with unbelievable benefits. For starters, it has energy saving capabilities which kick in when the pen is on standby. The speed can be regulated which allows one to control the filament size and output for the best drawings. Also, adjust the temperature through the provided button on the sleeker and lighter frame and monitor it through the LCD screen. One also gets to control the filaments to press back or forward through the relevant button.


With such a wide collection to choose from, there is a 3D pen for everyone for whatever project whether serious or for fun as these pens won’t disappoint. They will help you create the masterpiece you are looking for in perfect detail. All you need to do is read the instructions on the operation manual to enable you know how to operate them. The next step is choosing what it is you want to replicate in 3D then proceed to bring it to life. Although the tips are usually hot during operation in order to melt the ABS filament (plastic) they are safe to use.

Make sure you don’t leave it unattended near young kids as they might get burnt or worse, thus, be careful with this. Take the time to research to get the best one for your needs factoring important factors like how long they last for a session to avoid disappointments. Also, find out the price to get the best while getting the most out of your pen, so doodle away with one of these best 3d printing pens!

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