3Doodler 3D Printing Pen


In a world ruled by smartphones, tablets and other unique technologies, the 3Doodler Printing Pen offers a unique technology. It lets users creates create new works of art and explore 3D printing like never before. But how well does this printing pen work? Is it like other smart devices and technologies? How does it compare with other similar devices? What are its pros and cons? Here is a 3Doodler review to answer all these questions.

Product features

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The 3Doodler printing pen can be named the world’s first 3D printing pen, this is why it rapidly grew in popularity compared to other printing devices. This pen was designed by WobbleWorks, an emerging robotics and electronic company. The pen itself is compact and easy to use. You simply need to plug the doodler into a power socket then start drawing almost anything that you want. Whether it is freestyle 3D sketching that you want or tracing shape templates for larger architectural structures, you can achieve almost anything with this 3D printer.


Easy to work with

The first advantage with this product is that it is very easy to work with. Turning the 3Doodler on is quite easy, it comes with a power cord and a printer that can be easily plugged in. Using the pen for 3D drawing is also easy, it comes with an indicator that shows you when the pen is hot enough to use. Even though it draws its 3D objects through hot molten ink, the temperatures do not get to high on your arms.

Great functionality

The 3Doodler offers a great functionality, it comes with two speed buttons. One for fast switching and the other for slow switching. Pushing either button extrudes the plastic, stopping to push the buttons stops the flow of plastic. It is also designed for both left-handed and right-handed people. Adding to its great functionality, the pen can draw at almost every angle. It can draw upwards, bend flex and does will not stick too much on paper surfaces below it. It sticks on metals and glass. Though somewhat heavy, about seven ounces, the 3Doodler is still easy to work with.

Immense possibilities with the 3D doodler 

3doodler printing pen bike drawingYou can draw almost anything with this 3D printing pen. It is extremely functional and you will only be limited by your creativity. Some of the drawing possibilities are toys, models, glasses, artwork, 3D jewelry, replicas and so much more. You can personalize existing objects such as holiday decorations, posters or even your pone cases. Plastic objects can also be mended with this 3Doodler printing pen, possibilities are just endless. If you are out of ideas, you have the option of finding stencils and templates at the 3Doodler site.

Additional artistic strands 

After ordering your 3D printing pen, you will also have an option to choose from an assortment of about 50 plastic strands available in either ABS or PLA strands. Each strand goes for about 10 inches and will produce about 10 feet strand of doodled creations. With ABS, you can be sure to find the artistic work quite easy, ABS is easier to work with and more malleable.


The only thing that is displeasing about 3Doodler is the difficulty to make the drawings. It has a difficult and awkward grip and its plastic may feel quite uneven. Drawing 3D objects is therefore not easy. Unless you have a solid experience, making the drawings will be difficult at the beginning. Drawings made on air are even more difficult. However, you can be sure to have an easy time making drawings on a flat surface. All it needs is a little practice and you will be drawing amazing 3D objects in a few days.

Comparison with other 3D printers

Being the first doodler in the market, this product beats other 3D pen printers, According to wiki, this printer beats other products since it offers a more artistic functionality. It has even been named as a 3D crafting pen and less of a printer, this is because it offers great creativity in designing different types of art.

Bottom line

Though it may take some time to keep learn how to draw with 3Doodler printing pen, you can be sure to design the best types of art after some time. Imagine drawing things like Christmas ornaments, light fixtures, boomerangs, Eiffel Tower and any other thing you can imagine. The 3Doodler certainly has a lot to offer. Recommended for anyone above 12, this 3D printing device is worth purchasing, it will be a perfect gift for any artist.