3Doodler Start: A Detailed Look at the Latest 3D Pen For Kids

3Doodler Start – No hot parts. No messy resins or glue.

3Doodler 3D pens have been around for quite some time now, with all the fun of drawing in the air being an adults-only world. WobbleWorks sought to change this by introducing the 3Doodler Start, which is a 3D pen specifically designed for kids. The 3Doodler Start, which is expected to start shipping in May, is already causing excitement around its improved child-friendly design and functionality. In this post, we look at some of the features of the 3Doodler Start and why it’s a worthy challenger to other 3D pens designed for kids.

3Doodler Start Details and Features

        • New Eco-Plastic

The 3Doodler Start’s plastic is one of the most outstanding features of this 3D pen. In regular 3D pens, the heated thermoplastic is squeezed out while still hot, which makes it hard to work with until it cools down. The plastic utilized by the 3Doodler Start melts at considerably low temperatures, which makes it easy to work with. The plastic remains malleable for up to 20 seconds after it has been extruded, which allows you to mold it before it hardens.

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This plastic also exhibits remarkable child-friendly attributes. Kids are known to have a remarkable need to put everything they come across into their mouths. Thankfully, the new child-friendly plastic that comes with the 3Doodler Start is safe for the digestive system. It is made from food-grade elements, which makes it safe even when consumed accidentally.

Additionally, the plastic comes in a variety of bright and vibrant colors that make it easy to use with kids. A glow in the dark version of the eco-plastic will also be available for kids, which is bound to create a lasting impression on the kids.

The designers also included materials that do not reek of burning plastic, which make them ideal for stress-free use in enclosed spaces.

The plastic is also friendly to the environment, thus its eco-friendly badge. It is made from biodegradable thermoplastic that can be easily decomposed with your compost or buried in your backyard.

        • Can be Operated Wirelessly

The 3Doodler Start has been redesigned to fit a capable battery, which assures the user of up to an hour of air drawing. The wireless capabilities ensure there are no wires that tug at the device, which can reduce the overall user experience. The lack of wires also ensures the device is safe to use with children since cables connected to a power source can pose dangers for kids.

The 3Doodler Start can hold between 45-60 minutes of charge and allows kids to charge the device and use it remotely. The battery is typically charged for one to two hours via a USB cable that comes with the 3Doodler Start.

        • Simple to Use

3doodler start - easy to useThe 3Doodler Start’s design has been modified for ease of use among children. Aside from the On/Off power button, it features a single button for functionality. With a single click of this button, the user can extrude the plastic and with another click, the pen stops extruding. Two clicks reverse the plastic and can be used when you want to remove unused plastic. LED indicators tell you when the device is warming up, when it’s ready, and whether the flow is forward or reverse.

The device also features preset temperature and speed values that remove the hassle of configuring settings on the 3Doodler Start. With this 3D pen, you just insert your strand of plastic, power it up, and wait for 40 seconds for it to warm up before it is ready for use. You can immediately start patterns and shapes in the air or flat on the table, which promises to be a whole lot of fun.

Apart from the plastic, the 3Doodler Start also features parts that do not get hot, which is really interesting considering the device works by heating up plastic. The nozzle of the 3Doodler Start stays cool even when extruding plastic, which means you or the kids won’t get burned even if you decided to draw on your hands. This also means you or your kids can also draw on clothes without worrying whether it will leave a mark.

        • Ergonomic Design

The 3Doodler Start is chunkier than you would expect, weighing in at about 91g and measuring 5.4 x 1.4 x 1.6 in. This is primarily due to the addition of the wireless functionality, with the extra weight attributable to the addition of the battery. Still, the device has been designed to fit into small hands as well as an adult’s hand perfectly.

Despite its size, the 3Doodler Start does not limit usage and can be perfectly used by children to create designs on a flat surface or in the air.

        • Cool Additions

3doodler smart doodle blocksAll 3Doodler Start pens come with creative project books that are full of ideas on how to make cool creations with the 3D pen. The project book contains templates that can be used to create simple to complex projects explained in an easy and simple language. The project books’ main aim is to help kids utilize the full potential of the 3Doodler Start and unlock their creative capabilities.

For younger kids, DoodleBlocks will help the future creators become experts at creative 3D art. DoodleBlocks are mold blocks with precast patterns engraved on their surfaces to help kids make patterns. The child draws into the block using their 3Doodler Start and pops out a fully made design that can be used as part of bigger designs such as cars, bracelets, or pieces of a puzzle.

Check This YouTube Video on the 3Doodler Start and New Features


Conclusion of the 3Doodler Start 3D Pen

For its simplicity, portability, and cool design, the 3Doodler Start is bound to win the hearts of many kids. Parents will be particularly interested in its safety features and eco-friendly characteristics, which is probably why the 3Doodler Start will be one of the few toys parents will be buying without frowning.

Parents can pre-order the 3Doodler Start for their kids with 2 packets of eco-plastic, a free micro-USB cable for charging, and a project book. The eco-plastic can be topped up when they run out at for six eco-plastic packs. If you think your kids need more of the add-ons to play with, you can get eight DoodleBlocks and eight packets of the eco-plastic. This will ensure your kids (or yourself) have hours of uninterrupted 3D creativity using the 3Doodler Start.