9 Things You Can Decorate With A 3D Pen

Decorate With a 3D Pen For Fun

Do you have a 3D pen? You utilize it and be sure of enjoying the entire art of making objects. Some people misconceive that the 3D pen is only meant for kids. Conversely, these special devices can help you design some cool objects that you can use daily. Here are nine amazing things you can decorate with a 3D pen.


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  1. 9 Things You Can Decorate With A 3D PenTablet Holder

If you have a tablet, and you use it frequently at home or in the office, you can use a 3D pen to design a tablet holder. Ensure you make the base wide enough and the holder that stands on the base should be long enough to hold the tablet firmly. The good thing about this holder is that you can make it according to the size and weight of your tablet.


  1. 9 Things You Can Decorate With A 3D PenPen Holder

Maybe you had an AGM with the company officials, and the CEO gave you an executive pen. If you carry that pen around, you might end up losing it. That is why the 3D pen helps you to design and decorate a special pen holder. Maybe you love going to the gym, so you design a weight lifter with the hands open to hold the pen. You can also design a woman in the position of holding a baby, then place the pen in that space. This way, you will use the pen only for some special purposes and avoid losing it.


  1. decorate-bookmarkBook Mark

If you love reading novels, you need a bookmark with you whenever you are reading them. A bookmark is one of the things that you can decorate with a 3D pen. With the standard paper bookmark, it can be destroyed by water or dust. Suppose the marker fell on the ground, and it gets dirty, it could be difficult to clean it. Nonetheless, with a bookmark made with a 3D pen, you can easily clean it with water, and it will be more durable as well. You can design the marker in any form, but ensure that you keep it flat and long enough. That will depend on the thickness of the book.



  1. Cable holder

Do you have a busy workstation that involves several cables, such as the HDMI and USB cables? If you do, then you will need to keep them in order at all times. When the wires are kept in place, it helps to make the workstation look tidy and presentable. A 3D pen can help you design a classy cable holder that will keep your USB, HDMI, printer, laptop charger, and other cables in place. Ensure that you design a sturdy holder for the cables. Always choose the color that will look good with your cables. If you have black cables, go for a black plastic, or any other color that matches the cables. As you design the cable holder, you will need to make sure that there is a strong base to hold it firmly.

  1. Office organizer

Forget about the standard office organizer that you buy from your stationery dealer. You can make things extra stylish and unique using your 3D pen. An office organizer is another item that you can decorate with a 3D pen. The office organizer can take any form or object. Whether you want to decorate it in the form of a Kangaroo with the pouch as the hollow section for placing the pens and other stationeries. You can also have it simply designed with the tall, cylinder section, and the flat lower section for placing the tiny items. Ensure that you choose a color that matches the theme of your office or workstation.

  1. Decorate With A 3D Pen - Push PinElegant and Unique Push Pins

Do you want to make your office and walls extra stylish? A 3D pen can help you with this. If you have a notice board in the office or at home, you might need the push pins to pin up important notices and other papers. It isn’t just the standard push pins, rather, you will make some unique pins. With the 3D pen, you can decorate the normal push pins and add some petals at the base of the pin. This way, the handle of the pin will pop up, and the flower petals will settle on the base of the notice board. The color of the plastic to use will depend on the color of the pushpin. Do not use a yellow plastic on a black push pin, it might look weird.

  1. Letter opener

Even though letter writing is no longer common in the modern world, you can still receive some documents from companies. Some companies will also mail you your monthly bills and other emergency notices that must be put in writing. Long story short, you still need a letter opener. Since it is not advisable to open your letters with a knife, you can do this using a customized letter opener. A letter opener is another item that you can decorate with a 3D pen. The side you use to open an envelope should be sharp and flat enough to avoid it ripping through the letters inside. You can design the holder into any object.

  1. Push Pin Holder

Push pins can prick you when you throw them in the office organizer. That is why you need to design a push pin holder. You can design a ball that stands on a thick base, then the pins are pricked all over the ball. This way, you can use the pins whenever you need them and return them when not in use.

  1. Keyboard stand

If you are using a PC in your office, and one of the keyboard feet is broken, you don’t have to take it to a professional to fix it. With the 3D pen, you can customize the keyboard stands and have them designed to the size that you want. Make sure you test the size before designing it, so as to have an easy time when using the keyboard with the customized stands.


These are some of the things that you can decorate with a 3D pen. The role of the items is standard, but the design will range from one to another. For that, you can design them in any animal or object, though the