AtmosFlare 3D Pen

AtmosFlare 3D Printing Pen

The AtmosFlare 3D pen is another great entry in the "entry-level" 3D pens. It allows you to create miniature 3D art virtually in the air! The 3D printing pen utilizes sticky ink which cures instantly once struck by the powerful UV light emanating from the 3D pen’s tip.  For budding sculptors, this 3d pen allows you to mix the different colors contained in easy-to-switch ink cartridges. 

In-the-Box Contents

  • AtmosFlare 3D pen set.
  • 2 refillable ink cartridges
  •  One AA battery on request
  • Four pen tips
  • A guide map


  • As a precaution, never shine the light in your eyes. The pen uses the UV light which can be quite strong for the eyes.
  • The AtmosFlare 3D pen is ideal for ages 8 and higher. Please exercise caution with younger kids.

How to Use - Step by Step

  • Squeeze the ink before turning on the light; the latter would lead to the ink building up in the nozzle, forcing you to change pen tips more frequently.
  • When commencing, ink your base and shine the light to cure it. This will ensure that your sculpture is stable.
  • Due to the strength of the UV light, avoid sculpting on bright surfaces as this will reflect the light back, causing the 3d ink to solidify in the tip.
  • Clearing a blocked nozzle can be achieved through using the cap or in a more demanding case, a paper clip.
  • When actively drawing using the AtmosFlare 3d pen, store it in an upright position as this will keep the sticky ink at the tip of your pen.
  • When not using the 3d pen, keep the cap on to prevent buildup within the nozzle.
  • The moisture appearing at the tip of the pen is harmless and a result of curing the ink using the strong UV light.
  • The battery typically lasts for four hours after which the lighted M’ emblem alerts you by flashing thrice.

Pros & Cons


  • It’s a unique and futuristic drawing pen.
  • For those who are into building sculptures, it gives you an edge and enables you bring ideas to life.
  • It has a fast turnaround time and in experienced hands delivers exquisite results.
  • It’s a great tool in art class and can be used in homeschooling as well.
  • The ink dries up fast, enabling you to draw for as long as the ink lasts.
  • It can be educational, fun or even therapeutic depending the user’s needs.
  • The 3D pen and refilling cartridges comes at a great price


  • Initially, it is hard to master especially for younger children.
  • The ink cartridges run out pretty fast.
  • Refills are relatively hard to come by.
  • Even though widely stated, the drawings are not actually in midair as they stand on a stable base.
  • With the ink being so sticky, surfaces on which the drawings are done tend to get messy. Ideally, use a mobile disposable surface.
  • The battery only lasts for four hours.

How AtmosFlare 3D Pen Compares to Other Pens

When pitted against others 3D pens, AtmosFlare boasts of extended features which are first and foremost presented in a well-structured kit. As an artist or enthusiast, that first impression ultimately triggers your creativity and soon, your mind is full of inspired ideas you can’t wait to bring to life through 3D drawing.

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Acquiring this 3D printing pen is all the rage right now. For sure though, it will take you a bit of time learn how to use it flawlessly. Most of the beginners initially struggle with controlling the amount of UV light directed towards the sticky ink. Shining the UV light for only a short while may not dry up the ink adequately whereas shining too much light dries up the ink inside the nozzle and drains the battery much faster.


What to Consider When Buying

With four pen tips at your disposal, you are at liberty to make a few mistakes knowing that you have a back-up plan. Such a relaxed drawing atmosphere only inspires you further. The only challenge would be to use the ink sparingly given that refills are not yet readily available. As a 3D printing pen, the quick user guide lays out the basic uses; ultimately though, the amount of practice determines how good you become at drawing sculptures using this futuristic gadget.

For children below 17 years, it is advisable to impose a degree of parental guidance mostly on the use of the UV lights positioned at the tip on the 3D printing pen. Alternatively, you might think of this as taking part in your kid’s play time and coming up with a unique piece of art and hey! Who says you can’t store it away in a time capsule?

The AtmosFlare 3D pen has a cap designed to ensure that whenever the pen tip clogs, unclogging it is as easy as twisting the cap; its pointy interior should ably clear minor clogs. If the clog is extensive, domestically available tools such as paper clips or needles will do the trick. In essence, this 3D pen boasts of features that enable you to draw in midair flawlessly.

This 3D pen is a great way to draw directly in the air and let your inner artist come to the fore.  You can draw so many different shapes and mix different colours and wow people around you.

With this 3D pen, you can sculpt diverse structures by drawing vertically or horizontally as your creative appeal sways you. By mastering layers, you can build some beautiful long lasting 3D art.

The following videos work great for inspiration.​

By buying this exquisite product, everyone in your family will feel included and it’s definitely an ingenious way of spending quality time together while exploring creative side. Your kids may just pick a lifelong interest in drawing and sculpting. Soon enough, the AtmosFlare 3D pen may just make its way into boardrooms as a crucial tool when delivering presentation. Owning it already puts you ahead of the pack.

Through instant curing, 3D printing technology has revolutionized the art industry as artists now don’t have to use conventional ways of sculpting art. With time and enough practice you too can make complicated creations but before then, have all the fun you can creating art and trying out different color combinations. It’s a rapidly advancing technological space we live in; you might as well embrace it through the AtmosFlare 3D drawing pen.