Best Accessories for your 3Doodler 3D Pen

Want more accessories for your 3Doodler 3D Pen?

The 3Doodler is perhaps one of the greatest inventions in the history of humanity. It is a handheld 3D pen that widens the possibility of creating amazing 3D objects beyond the confines of software, computers or technical knowledge. Its only limitation is the user’s imagination. A person can conveniently use the pen to draw up in the air and create whatever object they want since the pen extrudes molten plastic that cools almost instantaneously into a solid structure. To enhance the 3Doodling experience and use the pen efficiently, there are several 3doodler accessories that a person could include.

Accessories for your 3Doodler - Doodle Stand1. The DoodleStand

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The stand comes in handy in that it presents itself as the ideal organizing partner for the 3Doodling project. For starters when a person is drawing with the 3Doodler, they might need to rest in between the creative sessions. The DoodleStand offers the perfect place for safely storing the 3Doodler as well as the 3 DoodleStrands or filaments.

The stand’s front legs also double up as buttons for controlling the speed of the 3Doodler. By gently pressing down the buttons and moving the entire stand, a person can easily create accurately clean, and stable flat 3Doodles. Last but not least the colorful display stand offers more slots for keeping spare ABS and Plastic refills of the 3Doodler.

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Accessories for your 3Doodler - doodler-nozzles2. 3Doodler Nozzle Set

Although the 3Doodler nozzles consists of brass and they don’t wear out easily, a person might want to change the nozzle. Maybe because the nozzle got worn out, or simply so that he or she can use a nozzle with a different shape or size. For this reason, a Doodler should consider buying a 3Doodler Nozzle Set.

The set has six differently shaped and sized nozzles, a clip-on smoothing tool and a nozzle holder that also acts as the nozzle removing tool. A person can effortlessly change the nozzles from one type to another, to suit whatever doodling effect they want.

The set offers different nozzle tips such as the ribbon, square, triangle, as well as super fine nozzle tip. The different nozzles guarantee the user of the 3D pen different flows and finishes. All that the person does is to replace the nozzle on their 3D pen with the one they want to generate impressive images.

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3. DoodleBlocks

The challenge for many 3Doodlers is how to come up with near perfect shapes and patterns. Fortunately, with the help of the DoodleBlocks they now can. The DoodleBlocks are long-lasting stencil-like silicon molds that a person can fill in with ABS or PLA to create contour lines of various shapes and objects.

To further their applicability, the molds come in varied day-to-day shapes, patterns, sizes, and forms such as stars, numbers, and letters. It is also possible to get specially designed 3D structured molds. With the help of the molds, a person can effortlessly craft brilliantly shaped 3D objects.


Accessories for your 3D Doodler - 3D Doodler Highlights4. 3D Doodler Highlights

Another challenge commonly experienced when it comes to drawing 3d objects is that the drawer often needs to have to more colors or highlights. Murphy’s law also dictates that you will run out of your ABS plastic when you need it the most. The best way to counter that is to order a pack of colorful highlights well in advance. That way, not only will you be able to draw whenever you want but you will also be able to add more colors to your drawings. And who doesn’t like a colorful drawing?

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Accessories for your 3Doodler - Jetpack5. Jetpack

Traditionally, to use the 3D printer a person had to stay near the source of power for the 3D device to work. That meant that a person could only get creative when in areas with power. However, thanks to 3doodler accessories such as the powerful battery JetPack, a 3Doodler can take his or her 3Doodler equipment to whatever scene that they wish and doodle on the go.

The Jetpack is a portable power pack that gives two to three hours of continuous doodling. All that a person needs to do is connect their Jetpack to the 3Doodler and start doodling. Besides, the Jetpack proves useful when there are power outages since the creative doodling process can continue uninterrupted. Also, since the Jetpack is mobile, the doodler can experiment doodling in different setups. For instance, an adventurous person could draw 3D objects on the beach or even at the park.

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Accessories for your 3Doodler - 3Doodler Pedal6. 3Doodler Pedal

The 3Doodler Pedal is one of the 3doodler accessories meant specifically for versatile doodling jobs. It helps to rest the fingers, especially when doing lengthy doodling tasks. The device consists of two easy-to-use pedals that offer two extrusion speeds. The pedal connects conveniently to the 3Doodler thereby giving the person the freedom to move and doodle from any angle imaginable. By pushing the pedal, the doodler can control the start and the stopping of extrusion. In fact, he or she does not need not to worry about controlling the flow of the extruding plastic with the hand holding the pen. An interesting feature about the pedal is that it even offers the user the option of reversing the direction of the strand, by just tapping his or her toes.

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3D Pen Accessories - Project Book7. Project Book

Many people find 3doodling challenging at first, but as they continue doing it, they just seem not to get enough of it. A person who is new to 3doodling or one who desires to take their doodling skills to the next level should consider getting a 3dooler project book. The book offers step by step information guaranteed to transform any doodler from a novice to a master Doodler. The book covers basic information such as how to use the 3Doodler printing pen, to advanced topics on how to use 3doodler accessories to create complex multi-faceted 3D doodles. Besides it gives plenty of practical 3Doodling tutorials that a user can try with to improve their 3doodling skills. Last but not least the project book has stencils that the user can photocopy and even enlarge to use as examples for their 3Doodling projects.

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By investing in the 3Doodler and its accessories, a person boosts his or her chances of taking both their 3Doodling experience and skill to the next level.