Crenova 3D Printing Pen

Getting the best out of your artwork means having the right tool at the right time and Crenova 3D Printing Pen is something to brag about. The truth is, manufacturers finally got something on the market that was meant change how people view art and an artwork. Not only does the manufacturers claim it is among the best 3d pens in the market, but also users find it quite awesome. Well, as a man driven by curiosity, I couldn’t just buy it that easy. I decided to do further research, and I must confess, that going through online customer reviews left me only two choices that are, buy it or shut up. To get a clear understanding what this simple yet useful tool can do, here is a brief overview of what makes it stand out on the market compared to other 3d pens on the market.

Getting Started With Crenova 3D Printing Pen Review – Product Specifications

  • Crenova 3D Printing Pen
  • Model Name: Crenova 3D Printing Pen Stereoscopic Craft Drawing Printer Doodler with LED Display
  • Description: Crenova 3D Printing Pen Reviews
  • Nozzle diameter: About 0.002ft/0.7 mm
  • Power input: 12V 3A
  • Heating temperature: Adjustable ABS:210℃-235℃ PLA:160℃-210℃
  • Press forward or backward button to insert or withdraw the filaments at anytimen
  • Free temperature adjustable button
  • Works with PLA/ABS 

Why Choose the Crenova 3D Printing Pen

If you are an artist or just a fanatic, then your first glimpse on Crenova 3D Printing Pen, will ring something in your mind. Technology is taking everything 3d, and art is not being left behind. Crenova 3D Printing Pen receives too much credit for being among the latest technology in 3d printing. What does this mean? Simple, it is updated, all issues with other previous 3d pens are addressed, and most importantly, it takes modern art into consideration. Designed for maximum performance, Crenova 3D Printing Pen seem to haven’t found its perfect match yet. It comes with among the best features you can find with any 3D pen on the market. It has a lightweight design for easy handling, easy to use and most importantly works for all ages above eight years meaning that anyone can have fun. Here are some of its notable features.

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Crenova 3D Printing Pen Features

Crenova 3D Printing Pen Details and Features

        • The Design

Crenova 3D Printing Pen is among the lightest 3d pens you can find in the market. It is also slender making it easier to handle hence works best for both small hands and big hands when it comes to accuracy. Its design also makes it easier to use unlike other 3d pens with heavier and wider bodies.

        • Preserve Temperature for Later Use

With Crenova 3D Printing Pen you don’t need to worry about the temperature cooling off since you can put it in a standby mode. You can later use the preserved temperature at your own convenient time without the need to wait for it to heat up again.

        • Filament Control

Unlike other 3D pens on the market, Crenova 3D Printing Pen comes with easy controls, meaning that you can easily control the size as well as the speed of the filament output. Easy filament output control is quite convenience especially when you are looking for accuracy.

        • LED Screen Display

Crenova 3D Printing Pen comes with LED screen that allows you to choose the kind of the filament material you prefer using. LED screen display is quite convenient especially if you are looking to mix colors that are familiar with doodling. The ability to choose the filaments via the screen also makes it fun for kids.

        • Adjustable Temperature

Crenova 3D Printing Pen also allows you to adjust the temperature, making it quite useful for both the beginners who work slower and the pros who prefer speed. The ability of the temperature to adjust is also quite convenient for accuracy since you can adjust it to cool faster for technical artwork.

With an LED Screen, we can choose the filament material kind and alter the temperature that you need.

 Crenova 3D Printing Pen Features Colors

Currently they are offered 4 colors: Pink, Blue, Purple and Yellow



Every product on the market has both the Bad side and the good side and Crenova 3D Printing Pen is not an exception. For most users, it is the best compared to its rivals on the market. The fact that it comes with remarkable features is making a larger impact when it comes to positive reviews. However for those who aren’t satisfied still feel there is a need to add some improvements. The good news is that these issues vary. They aren’t common and most importantly comes from very few individuals. To understand what I am talking about, here is a summary of customer reviews. On the other hands those who find it effective are speaking a different language, leaving some traces bof doubts on the negative feedbacks..


A Few 7TECH 3D Pen ver. 2 Review Concerns

  • Not safe for children under the age of 8
    Crenova 3D Printing Pen should be kept out of children’s reach especially those at the tender age. The fact that it is not safe for children at tender age means that you have to be careful with where you leave it.
  •  The nozzle can heat up to 132 degree
    132 degrees Celsius can burn you and not recommended to be handled with bare hands. Crenova 3D Printing Pen should be dealt with in a careful manner..
Check This YouTube Video on the Crenova 3D Printing Pen Review I found made by Natasha Miller




Summary of Customer Reviews

Crenova 3D Printing Pen rating settles at 4.7 which is quite high compared to what we can see with the other 3D pens on the market. There are few complaints about the price but even those that find these issues accept it as the best on the market. There are no issues yet to put it down. For those that give it the upper hand, it is the best. In fact, it is an improvement of other 3d Printing pens on the market in the previous years. Contrary to what few others are saying, those that are satisfied claim it is affordable and even brand it as the cheapest 3D printing pen on the market. Its design is coming to play for example the light weight and slender design meant for easy handling is making a big impact as many users find it quite convenient. Going over the reviews, we realize that Crenova 3D Printing Pen works well with children and the fact that it is easier to change the filament makes it a better play toy. I can conclude that most users find it convenient and the fewer manageable issues are just small faults common with any product.  We hope you enjoyed our Crenova 3D Printing Pen Review!

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