GENESIS 3D Printing Pen


Attention all artists and craft enthusiasts! There is a relatively new handheld 3D printing product out that I’m sure you are all going to want to know about. The product I am talking about is called a GENESIS 3D Printing Pen by Lasso Labs. For anyone who is familiar with the concept of 3D printing with larger printing hardware, then you know the basic process behind this method of design and fabrication. Essentially, a 3D printing device works by utilizing a substance which is usually a type of plastic.

Getting Started With GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Review – Product Specifications

  • GENESIS 3D Printing Pen
  • Model Name: GENESIS 3D Printing Pen with Bonus Filament Refills by Lasso Labs
  • Description: Joyluxy Intelligent 3D Pen Reviews
  • LED indicator
  • 7.9 x 5 x 3 inches
  • High resistance capability
  • Supported material: 1.75mm PLA/ABS
  • Where To Buy GENESIS 3D Printing Pen: The GENESIS 3D Printing Pen is available here:   Get The GENESIS 3D Pen Today

GENESIS 3D Printing Pen  Design

The plastic being used is heated up inside of the 3D printing hardware so that it can be extruded, stretched, and molded more effectively, becoming capable of making shapes and designs with the material being used. With larger and more expensive 3D printing hardware there is usually a computer hook-up available so that designers can create the structures they want printed by using a computer interface.
After the designs are chosen and created within some variation of computer design software, they can be introduced into the 3D printer and the printer will automatically fabricate the design out of plastic. This technology has revolutionized certain fabrication processes, and given people the ability to create complex forms in the comfort of their own home.
Now, this large scale 3D printing technology has been scaled down to be as small as a pen or marker! The GENESIS 3D Printing Pen puts the capability of a 3D printer into the palm of your hand. After using this device myself, I was absolutely stunned by the ability of this hardware to actually produce awesome designs. This device is not only durable, reliable, and accurate, but it genuinely does have the ability to create precise structures.

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Regardless of the desired use for this 3D printing pen, it is certainly capable of fabricating amazing designs in both a home setting or a professional, more commercial setting. To be honest though, this product is probably more geared toward home/craft/art use than it is geared towards professional design work. For the benefit of anyone interested in hearing more about this product and my experience with it, here are some additional features and details.

GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Features

GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Details and Features

        • Size:

Some of the relevant physical product features that correspond to the GENESIS 3D printing pen include its 1.1 pound weight, its jet black color, and its size dimensions of 8.3″ x 5.4″ x 3.7″. Clearly this is a compact unit that is very portable, so if portability is a big selling point for you when searching for a 3D printing pen, this could definitely be the best choice for you. I myself do have a need for portability in my 3D printing pen, since I am frequently on the go with my work.

        • Comes with 5 Color Filaments:

The 3D printing pen comes complete with five ABS plastic filaments; additional filaments are also available for purchase in a variety of different colors.

        • Uses:

This product, while completely different from a glue gun, has a somewhat similar functionality. What I mean by this is that similar to how a glue gun uses an internal heating element to liquify the solid glue stick as it passes through the gun, this 3D printing pen also has an internal heating element that makes the ABS plastic become pliable and capable of being molded into any shape desired by the pen user.
Not only can a user of the GENESIS 3D Printing Pen utilize different colored filaments in their pen, you can also utilize different plastics as well depending on what kind of work is being performed with the printing pen. Having control over both the color, and type of plastic being used is a great feature to have since it allows for more design detail and variability.

        • Warranty:

When you order this pen, you’re in good hands with our no-risk, no-questions asked Money Back Guarantee and Top-Rated customer service.


GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Pros:

  • Easy to Use
  • Capable of Utilizing Different Colors and Plastics
  • Kid Friendly (with adult supervision)
  • Good for Professional Use or Simply Having Fun
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Comes with Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty
  • Durable Construction.


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A Few GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Review Concerns

  • May be Inadequate for Larger Printing Jobs, Primarily Intended for Small Scale Designs.
  • Really no complains especially with a warranty like they have



In conclusion, I would just like to clarify and reiterate my incredibly positive opinion of this product! I would recommend the GENESIS 3D Printing Pen to friends, family, coworkers, and the like. In fact, the more I think about it, this product would probably make a wonderful gift for anyone who is interested in art, crafts, and design. Whether you give this product as a gift to a young person in your life who enjoys crafts, or a professional who would use this tool to create mockups or small designs for their work, you can bet that this gift is one that will keep on giving. 10/10 would buy again!  We hope you enjoyed our GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Review!