IDO3D Pen Review


If your kid wants to create something that resembles a 3D image, this IDO3D Pen can accomplish this.  The pen uses ink that eliminates the heating element like other 3D Pens on the market, which makes them very safe for younger kids, but also makes the construction of actual 3D objects a lot harder.  This pen is best used by creating a design on a transparent non stick surface and then standing each object up and put them together while shining the UV light to dry the pieces together.  It’s not the typical 3d pen that lets you create objects in thin air.  You can read more about this pen below with my full review

Getting Started With IDO3D Pen Review – Product Specifications

  • IDO3D Pen
  • Model Name: IDO3D Pen and Ink Up to 25 Projects Print System
  • Description: Crenova 3D Printing Pen Reviews
  • Manufacturer Website:IDO3D
  • Nozzle diameter: About 0.002ft/0.7 mm
  • Power input: 12V 3A
  • Heating temperature: Adjustable ABS:210℃-235℃ PLA:160℃-210℃
  • Press forward or backward button to insert or withdraw the filaments at anytimen
  • Free temperature adjustable button
  • Works with PLA/ABS 
  • Where To Buy IDO3D Pen: The IDO3D Pen is available and you can order this on Click Here To Buy the IDO3D Pen Today

What you Get with the IDO3D Pen

Different color inks: no matter how you look at it, a single color would simply make things too dull. By having multiple colors available, you can truly let your imagination loose and create objects and toys resembling whatever you want, so this toy really has the ability to create other toys. How cool is that?

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– Comprehensive manual: I don’t like to stumble in the dark and chances are that other parents out there would likely say the same. That’s why the manufacturers kindly included a comprehensive and easy to understand manual that will get you creating things in a matter of minutes.

– Moulds: with the help of these handy moulds, you will be able to create certain objects from the get go, and use them as parts in your creations.

– UV light lamp: this lamp solidifies the ink.

– Plastic sheeting: you will need it to give your creations that 3D feel.

IDO3D Pen Review

Crenova 3D Printing Pen Details and Features

        • Themed products

For example, let’s say you have a 10 year boy who’s really getting excited about wildlife. Well, you can buy him a wildlife theme pack, which includes moulds and tools that make creating animals a whole lot easier.

        • How to use the pen

You might get the feeling that you will be able to draw something in the air with it, but this is not quite the way it’s done. You actually draw things on the transparent plastic surface, then use the UV light to dry the ink. If you want to make 3D statues and toys, you need to think in terms of creating various different parts which you will then assemble together.

        • Downloadable resources

If your kid wants to create something and the outlines don’t come with the set you’ve purchased, not all is lost. Any simple coloring book will do, and you can even search for coloring pages to print out online. After you’re done, just place them under the transparent plastic sheet, and your kid will be able to use them as building blocks for the new creations.

        • Number of ink colors

You might get a weird expression on your face after hearing that the IDO3D Pen only comes with 3 different colors, but this not a concern at all. You can actually mix colors together in order to create new ones. Regardless of that, I still miss the blue color which would really enable you to create all the others.

Right now, you get green, yellow, and red ink, which allows you to create other colors like for example the orange one (by mixing the yellow and red ink), but somehow it still feels a bit lacking if you truly want to utilize the complete array of different colors..

 IDO3D Pen Review

Currently the kits come with 5 pens but only 3 colors for the ink:  Yellow, Green, and Red


PROS of the IDO3D Pen

– No power cord (just squeeze the pens to use them) Good for younger kids without the heating element
– Imagination is the only limit
– Ink supplies will still hold even after huge creations.


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A Few IDO3D Pen Review Concerns

– The ink still tends to be a bit sticky even after 2 days
– Drying the ink takes a considerable amount of time
– A limited amount of colors.

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Summary of Customer Reviews

I believe that toys should be all about creativity, and the IDO3D Pen is truly a wonderful example of that. It allows your kids to stretch their creative minds and become better artists just by playing with it.

That being said, there are still a couple of drawbacks, so the toy definitely isn’t for everyone. For example, your younger kids may struggle recreating things your older kids are able to create, and as such, the results tend to be influenced by your kids’ age and skill level. But this can be viewed both as a positive and negative depending on what you want to achieve.

The ink is a weird glue type substance that only draws when you put a light onto the glue.  So as far as an actual 3D Pen, it is really not the same.  You have to make the drawings on a non-stick surface and then stand up each piece to make a 3D Shape.

Still, although it has some drawbacks, the IDO3D Pen is a great toy that will definitely keep your kids busy and help them develop their creative abilities, so it has my blessings..  We hope you enjoyed our IDO3D Pen Review!