Lix 3D Pen – The Next Generation Portable 3D Printing Pen Device

3D printing is one of the most fascinating areas of research with a power to change the manufacturing sector, real estate sector and even more. The 3D printers are capable of making any imaginary design with the use of 3D models.

These 3D printers print the models which are given it as an input in its software, the models are given as input and the printer works without any human intervention to produce the input model. With a vision to improve the production processes, some of the most innovative organizations around the world are working continuously on these printers.

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The innovation is not only there in the printing techniques but also in the printers themselves. The size of printers is as large as a bulky truck to as small as a pen. Though the large units have found a commercial purpose, the smaller variants are seen as a good instrument to display creativity without a limitation of two dimensional canvases.

There are a few companies which have launched their innovative 3D printing pens. Lix is one of the manufacturers of these 3D pens with a unique product that has the same size as a ball pen. The Lix 3D pen is the smallest 3D printer in the market attracting a great number of 3D printing enthusiasts towards it.

Lix 3D Pen

It is one of the most innovative products of twenty first century. The brand has encapsulated the power of 3D printing in a device of size of a pen. The device was launched in April 2014 for a Kickstarter funding and is under production as of now. There is an option to pre-order the device.

The pen is much compact than its competitors giving it an edge. Not only is it compact, the performance aspects of the pen are better too.

Here, is a review of the Lix 3D printer pen.

Design and Specification

• Ergonomic
The ergonomic design of the pens makes them stand apart from the market of compact 3D printers. The pen has a diameter of 0.55 inches making it a very thin bodied 3D printer which gives the same feel as a pen. Moreover, the design is narrower at the tip with a diameter of just 0.31 inches giving it a form factor same as a ball point pen. The ergonomics of the pen make it very easy to handle and a body same as a pen gives the users a much familiar experience while making 3D models.

• Small Size
The small size of the pen makes it very easy to carry, very compact and easy to handle. The small size is one of the most attractive features of this model. The best part about the design is that it can easily fit into the top pocket just like a pen.

• Light Weight
The pen is compact and being light weight makes it easy to maneuver when making 3D designs. The ease of operations of the pen is one of the most applauded features which are primarily because of its light weight.

• Noiseless
There is no complex mechanism in the pen making it completely silent. There is only one sound from the pen; a little sound of feeder is there when the pen takes the input material. An artistic mind needs complete silence to make marvels; the pen provides them the same.

• Beautiful Design
The metallic body with a matte finish gives the pen an elegant look. While most of the compact 3D printers are made of plastic, the Lix 3D pen is made of metal.

• Durable
The aluminum body gives the pen a very robust and stable build. The pen can withstand a few short falls. The other models suffer great damages in case of a fall because of their plastic body.

• USB Powered
The pen is USB powered; you do not need to carry an adapter with the pen. All you need is a very compact USB cable which you can plug into any USB power source like a laptop or PC. The power cable is thin, which makes it very easy to move the device without any hindrance from the cable.

Choice of Filament
The pen works on both ABS and PLA filaments making it a perfect device to create all kinds of artworks.

Consumer Reviews

Although the pen is awaiting a commercial launch, but there were some pieces sold for an early promotion. Here are a few Pros and Cons of the pen.


• Great Design – Unlike most compact 3D printers the Lix 3D pen has a great form factor and an elegant design. The device looks like a premium next generation writing instruments. The looks of the pen are also futuristic giving it a better appeal than its competitors.
• Quick Heat And Cool – The pen uses USB power to light up the filament to heat the plastic material for drawing. The pen is much faster than other devices and heats up or cools down at a much greater speed.
• Ergonomics – When a user hold the Lix 3D pen to make an art it gives him a natural feel of a pen. They do not feel anything awkward as they are used to holding pens. This adds a great level of comfort and ease of use for the users.

Youtube Video on the Lix 3D Pen


• Bad Smell – When you use the pen, your whole room will smell like burning plastic. The pen gives a very bad odor while operations. However, this drawback is there in every device.
• Heated Tip – There is not much of insulation on the tip, the tip gets hot and if you touch the tip you might get a burn. The lack of heat shield on the tip is an issue with the device.

Final Verdict

The pen might be one of the best 3D printing pen coming to the market, though it is priced a little higher than the competitors the pen is worth the investment. There are a few issues like the artworks which don’t set on some fabrics which you will have to research when planning to buy the pen.

News Feed

The company has indicated that the commercial launch price of the pen would be USD 139. The official website is taking requests from the enthusiast and has a form that you can fill to get notified about the launch date and the pre-order procedure.

Lix 3D pen is one of the most awaited products of the decade and is getting a huge response from a large number of art enthusiasts. The pen is expected to revolutionize the 3D printing market by adding many new avenues of 3D design implementations.