Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen


Technology is taking a new shape time and again, and gadgets are made small to lessen the effort of using them. The making of smaller devices is also meant to enhance the portability and the ease-of-use. 3D pens are one of the devices that are made small, but can deliver fantastic objects. One of the leading 3D printing pens is the Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen. This 3D pen has been made by the top company, Future Make, and it comes with a set of innovative features. The technology used in this pen is one of a kind, and it has been made for both children and adults. Instead of using ink, the pen uses photopolymer. The photopolymer is solidified by an LED light that also helps to limit the odor as the element is melted. Here is a further look at the features and function of the pen.

Getting Started With Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen Review – Product Specifications

  • Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen
  • Model Name: Polyes Q1 Heatless 3D Printing Pen – Light-Curing and Battery Operated
  • Description: Future Make Website
  • Description: Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen Reviews
  • Product Size: 224*40*26mm
  • Max Consumption: 5.5W
  • Best Working Temperature: 10C-30C Best Working
  • Usage Time: 1.5-2 hours Charging Time
  • Working Life: 2 years(under suitable environment) Storage Life: 5 years(under suitable environment)
  • Ink type: Uses photopolymer that is solidified by an LED light
  • Where To Buy Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen: The Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen is available here:   Get a Low Price on the Polyes Q1 3D Pen Here

Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen Features

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Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen Details and Features

        • Photo-Polymer Material 

Most of the 3D pens on the market use ABS/PLA material to draw and design the objects. On the contrary, the Polyes Pen uses photopolymer. This material is sensitive to the LED light that is produced at the tip of the pen. When you press the button to release the photopolymer, it passes through the LED light that is located at the tip. This LED light then solidifies the material for you to develop stable objects.

        • Cordless 

Another feature of the pen is that it is cordless. Several 3D pens have cords that power them as you design your objects. With this pen, there is no any power cord. However, it uses an internal battery. This makes it portable, and flexible enough as you make your objects.

        • Speed Control Button 

The Polyes Q1 3D Pen comes with a button that controls its speed. This button helps to regulate the rate at which the photopolymer is eliminated. When the outflow rate is controlled, it becomes easier to draw and design the objects with accuracy. This feature is also an advantage to the kids as they use the pen.

        • Integrated Button 

There is an integrated button on the pen. This button is located in an easy-to-access location. With the button, the user can easily alter the mode of drawing and achieve whatever they want. This is why it is easier to use the Polyes 3D Pen more than other 3D pens on the market.

        • Sleek Design

The design of the pen is another top feature that makes it worth considering. You can enjoy using the pen with the design that fits comfortably in the hand. It also has a firm grip, so it will not slip as you use it. This makes it a top choice for you to enjoy. Regardless of the age of the user, or the size of the hand, this pen will fit perfectly to ease the use. The design is also easy to access and replace the photopolymer cartridge. It will take you less than ten seconds to dismantle the pen to change the cartridge.

        • Different Ink Types

You can use different inks with this pen. It allows you to choose from the aromatic ink, glow-in-the-dark ink, transparent ink, colors of the rainbow, temperature changing, and even eco friendly ink. This gives you an option of choosing whatever is suitable for you. Whether you want to use the ordinary transparent or make a cool glow in the dark sculpture, the choice is yours

        • Rechargeable Battery

The internal battery is rechargeable, and you can be sure of using it anytime, even when there is no power. The good thing about the rechargeable battery is that it can last for about five hours. When it is in standby mode, the pen lasts for around five days. Even when there is no power, you can charge the pen using your laptop, via the USB charging port. This makes it a device that is easy to use and maintain.

        • Fitted Tilt Sensor (child safety feature)

This is one of the unique features of the pen, which makes it safe for the kids. It has a tilt sensor that will turn off the LED light whenever the pen is tilted more than the minimum angle, or when it faces up. So if your kid is curious about the light produced when the pen is running, you will not have to worry about that. The light will go off automatically, which in turn prevents the eyes of your child.

Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen Colors

They will be offered in 8 colors but currently they have : White, Blue, Yellow, Green Black



The Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen Pros:

  • It is cordless, which makes it flexible and overly portable.
  • The Polyes Q1 3D Pen is safe. The built-in sensor ensures that the UV light doesn’t harm the curious kid when it is slanted beyond the limit. The photopolymer also solidifies when it is exposed to the LED light.
  • It has a rechargeable battery that can be useful even during a power blackout.
  • The user can choose the type of ink they prefer to use.
  • It has a speed regulating button that makes it reliable for a beginner.
  • The pen has a sleek design that fits comfortably in the user’s hand.

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A Few Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen Review Concerns

  • Although there are really not a lot of things I can say bad about this great product, here are a couple things that might be of concern.  It uses a single cartridge that runs for a maximum of 35 minutes, which can also be less than that. I Suppose you had a big project that will take much time, this could be inconvenient for you.
  • Although it has a sleek and comfortable desgin for the user, but it can be slightly big for kids with smaller hands.
  • Using photopolymer and LED light does not have the same consistency of ABS Plastic so drawing objects are a little harder but the pros of this pen I think outweigh that.
Check This YouTube Video on the Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen Promo VideoI found made by Future Make




The Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen is a great consideration that can benefit an adult or a child. Using it is easy, and the buttons are located in a way that you can access them without any difficulty. It has a fitted battery that is rechargeable, which cuts down on the costs of purchasing a new set of batteries. Recharging the pen is easy since it also has a USB port that you can use with your laptop. The ability to choose different types of inks makes this pen a top choice. It is also cordless, making it easier to use and move around with it..  We hope you enjoyed our Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen Review!