Scribbler 3d Printing Drawing Pen


For those new to 3D printing pens, they are basically apparatuses loaded with flexible, meltable filament that allow users to draw in the air. Scribbler 3D Pen is an instrument for the imaginative personalities of our era. It permits you to assemble 3D items from the beginning; form all that you can envision without any difficulty and with accuracy. Unleash your imagination and let it run uncontrolled through your studio! In this article we will shed light on the Scribbler 3d Printing Drawing Pen, delve into its specs, advantages, disadvantages and give our independent recommendation on whether it’s a great purchase.

Product Description

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Scribbler 3d Printing Drawing PenHOW DOES THE SCRIBBLE 3D PEN WORK? The Scribbler 3D Pen utilizes a plastic filament that expels from the nozzle/tip once warmed inside the pen. It then in a flash cools and cements as you start drawing the object of your choice, giving a stable skeleton to your structure; permitting you to draw to the uttermost precision! SCRIBBLER 3D inventors tout their pen as the littlest and most exceptional of those accessible, portraying it as the ideal 3d pen for making 3D works, adornments, embellishment pieces, gems, and models. Like 3D printers, the SCRIBBLER 3D function when its colored plastic melts with its warmed end nozzle as it leaves the pen. Once the plastic hits the air and drawing surface, it quickly starts cooling and will in this way hold whatever shape the artist requires. At the point when totally cooled, the plastic turns into an inflexible, freely-standing structure. Specifications of the Scribbler 3d Printing Drawing Pen

So what other specifications make this product the best?

The pen allows the user to draw in the air, thus enabling him to draw 3D masterpieces.Its light weight of 65g makes it ideal for a wide range of artists ranging from children, designer to graphic designers. It allows for easy maneuvering and has smooth speed control.Moreover, it has 3 loops ABS filament of 1.75mm each.


What is so good about Scribbler 3d Printing Drawing Pen

There are quite a few reasons why this Scribbler 3d Printing Drawing Pen is the number one preference for most home cleaners. It has numerous advantages that include:

  1. Attractive design- The SCRIBBLER 3D is more pleasant to look at, as well as more agreeable to hold and move. So regardless of broad feelings about the predominance of greater, thicker phallic shapes, specialists and scribblers ought to discover making better and more nitty-gritty dimensional tasks substantially more satisfying with the SCRIBBLER 3D.
  2. Flexible- With Scribbler 3d Pen you can make anything from little to enormous, from subtle elements to models. It permits you to express your innovativeness on an entire new level. It has changed the world’s perspective on 2D as we are presently giving the likelihood to make your manifestations in 3D in a never-been-so-natural way!
  3. It’s Highly Portable- The SCRIBBLER 3D is supplied through a wall charger, which shows that this 3D printing pen will be with you any place you go. In this way, regardless of the fact that you are far from your nation for a period of time, you will have the capacity to utilize your SCRIBBLER 3D Pen with no trouble.

What is not so good about Scribbler 3d Printing Drawing Pen

There are a few cons of the Scribbler 3d Printing Drawing Pen, as well, but they are generally overshadowed by the advantages. The disadvantages include:

  1. User guide-Its documentation gives little information on how to adjust the temperature of the nozzle. However users can use a temperature screw under the elastic fold to adjust the temperature.
  2. Branding- the company name is not clearly labelled on the face of the pen. This could act as a loophole for scrupulous dealers who may issue counterfeit 3d pens.


Is this product a great purchase?

I must agree that when its smaller size is contrasted with other brands, SCRIBBLER 3D appreciates this aggressive edge in the 3D printing business. Simply handle this savvy pen once, and notice that it fits consummately in your grasp, issuing you compelling solace and characteristic offset while you draw your most loved things with it. This is one of the reasons why SCRIBBLER 3D has guaranteed to give that additional usefulness to its clients contrasted with the contending brands. I would profoundly prescribe this to any individual who’s got creative drawing skills and is ready to put numerous hours into figuring out how to draw in 3D.

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