Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing Printing Pen


Bring you imagination to life with 3D Printing pens. Equipped with the power to make dreams come alive, they use different colored PVC and ABS plastic filaments, rapidly heating and cooling them so that you may make 3D shapes and objects. 3D pens have found applications in various educational as well as creative fields. With the ability to create complex structures such as miniature models of buildings, or even braille, they have opened an entirely new avenue of possibilities without the limitations of 3D printing. After all, a 3D printing pen does not require you to learn the 3D printing software, without which the guitar you are trying to print could end up being a simple lump of plastic goop.

Most 3D printing pens are quite expensive. Being new technology, they are still a developing product, with each trying to out do the other. Companies add new features, and pave the way for more possibilities with every new version. Due to the expense, they are often unfeasible for most. The Soyan 3D Printing Pen, however, is comparatively more affordable. It comes with a 0.4 – 0.7 mm nozzle for fine and accurate 3D drawing, while the rapid cool technology also makes it safer for use. Moreover, you also receive three 10g coils of the filament in yellow, blue and black to get you started on your creative adventure.

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– The price of the Soyan 3D Printing Pen definitely makes this an alluring buy, but it has many more factors which seem to call out to the creative minded. The ergonomic design make it comfortable for use. While it appears bulky, it fits comfortably into the hand, making the drawing experience smooth and easy.
– The rapid cool technology allows you to touch and hold you creations as you continue adding more to it. You can turn it around, holding it this way and that, and all the while continue drawing. It gives drawing an all new meaning, for you are able to handle your own creations and understand them intimately.
– The speed for expelling the plastic at the tip can also be adjusted, modifying it to your needs. A small slider allows it to be shifted from too fast to too slow, and everything in between.
– Moreover, it is the perfect educational tool for children, as it helps expand their imagination, teaching them creativity at its finest.

– While the Soyan 3D Printing Pen itself is comparatively inexpensive, the filaments can cost quite a bit. Since creating a stable structure requires a lot of plastic, this needs to be taken into consideration before indulging in this unique product.
– While the plastic filament is easy to fill in, there have been cases in which the expelling button doesn’t work, As a result, it can cause a tremendous wastage of plastic and money, for the protruding filament would need to be cut off and the remaining expelled through the front nozzle.
– In spite of the rapid heating and cooling technology employed, it does take some time to cool off and become relatively stable. As a result, it requires patience in order to create any of the masterpieces you may have in mind.
– In some cases it was noted that while the speed can be adjusted, there are only too options: Too fast and painfully slow. The in between speeds are not effective, and as a result can be a hindrance. Moreover, after operating the fast speed for too long, the speed becomes slow. This is perhaps because the pen is unable to heat the filament as quickly as it needs to be expelled.
– While ideal for children who will enjoy creating different things and may not be bothered with the technical limitations, it requires multiple adaptations and improvements in order to be employed for serious use.

Soyan ensures excellent customer service and has, in cases of a malfunctioned product, provided quick and efficient replacements. In fact, while this 3D Pen may not be everything you are looking for, it is definitely a break in the ice, opening possibilities for a more affordable and creative future. Currently, other products including the 3 Doodler are considered to be competitive products with respect to the features offered as well as the price.

Considering the wide range of creations that have been crafted already with the help of these technical marvels, anything is possible. If not with this product, then perhaps another, but with the 3D pen, it is time to let your imagination soar as you explore the deepest depths of creativity itself !

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