The Next Generation Doodling – 3D Drawing Pen

How 3d drawing pens will change your doodling forever

Every human is gifted with imagination. It is imagination that gives birth to reality. Every time an idea strikes our mind and our imaginations are stirred, we quickly scramble for a pen, pencil and paper; anything that will draw the thinking of the mind on something tangible. Well, yes we get to draw our imaginations, but not as real as they were in the mind; not in 3D. Necessity is the mother of invention. In search of something that will draw our imaginations as real as they are, inventors have stumbled upon something revolutionary; the 3D drawing pens.

What are 3D drawing pens?

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3d Drawing penFor a long time, since the invention of writing, man has not only evolved physically but also in the way he writes. The most common writing tools in this age are the pen and the pencil. These offer us 2D drawings or writings. 3D pens, the new age writing and drawing technology, offer something different. With the first commercial hit of a 3D pen taking place in 2013, 3D drawing pens have a huge fan base due to the type of doodles they bring on the table; 3D doodles. Apart from writing or drawing in 3D, 3D drawing pens do not necessarily require a solid platform on which the writings or drawings would be placed but the work can be done on air. Yes, on air.

How do these 3D drawing pens work?

Plastic is a widely used material globally. Its popularity is not just because of a single use, but because of the numerous uses it has, due to its natural properties. 3D drawing pens are not left behind in the use of plastics. They make use of non-toxic plastics; acrylonitrile butadiene styrene in some models, which is heated to molten state before being oozed out, in form of a thin filament, from the nozzle of the pen. Once it oozes out, the plastic quickly solidifies in the air forming a stable structure. With this, you can easily draw different shapes, patterns or writings using the plastic, in air, in 3D. Usually, the plastic is first pre-heated by electricity for it to turn to molten before being oozed out. The electricity source varies from model to model with some using the socket outlet and others the USB port.

How do I get to use one?

Using a 3D drawing pen does not require rocket science. Moreover, whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you can still use the pen. Basically, you first plug in the pen to the electrical power source for it to heat first. Then, you put the strand of plastic into the pen following the user manual’s instructions. Depending on the model you are using, there will be different controls available controlling speed and flow. Choose your setting and once the plastic starts flowing out of your pen, start doodling. In some models, there is a built in LED indicator that will help you know whether the pen is ready to use or not, making work easier for you. The doodles you are making don’t have to be of a standard color. You can use different colors in the same doodle by simply changing the plastic strand you are using.

So, how many doodle options do I have?

3D Drawing Pen Balloon3D drawing pens have no difference with a pen or pencil on paper. You can doodle anything. From silly patterns for your kids to artistic pieces like an architectural design, 3D drawing pens are flexible on the doodle. You can even design jewelry or decorations using a 3D drawing pen. This flexibility in the available doodle options, translates to flexibility in the people who can make use of 3D drawing pens. From kids aged 12 years or older; younger children are not ideal because of possible burns from the molten plastic as it first oozes out, to adults, 3D drawing pens can be used by almost anyone. Whether you are artistic or not, 3D drawing pens have no partiality in the type of people who can use them. The results obtained are simply stunning. The doodles come out so realistic, tangible and for a purely artistic doodle; life-like.

Affordability and fun

Luckily, 3D drawing pens don’t have the price tag of a gold bar. With some models going for as low as 100 dollars, this is technology that can be right at your home, in your hands. The good stuff is the fun that comes with having a 3D drawing pen. Especially for the kids, this is an ingenious way to exercise their creativity vested in their imaginations. Though adult supervision may be required; to ensure the molten plastic doesn’t solidify on the child’s body, the kids will definitely have fun using this as their toy. Adults too can get a huge load of fun out of this tech. You can try out different doodle designs, replicate models of things you love such as your favorite car or even house and even try to model your own designs or ideas, in air, in 3D and at the comfort of your home.

For more than just doodling

3d Drawing ShipJudging by its increasing popularity, gifting a loved one, or even a workmate with a 3D pen is splendid idea. Not only are you spreading the fun, but also giving out technology that is new and rare therefore a treasure to have. So, in the coming Father’s day, Christmas, or even work retreat, surprise your loved one or friend with a 3D drawing pen and they will surely appreciate your efforts.

What is the future like?

3D drawing pens are being developed the more to make them more efficient and easier to use. New advancements such as introduction of new nozzle designs are being made to ensure that the doodles come out crisper and better. The controls are also being enhanced and repositioned such that there is less physical barrier that will prevent doodling into tighter corners.

Once you get your hands on a 3D drawing pen, then you’ll get to feel the thrill and fun in doodling in the air. This is so far the coolest invention in the drawing and writing industry. So what are you waiting for? Go shopping, make an order and start doodling in the air, in 3D using this futuristic technology.

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