The Possibilities are Endless with a 3D Pen

3D Pens can do so much more than doodling

A couple of years ago, the big splash was the possibility to make 3D drawings from a personal computer, with a 3D Printer. That was just a precursor of what was to come with the 3Doodler with its 3D pen possibilities.  A 3Doodler pen is the world’s first instrument that allows a person to create 3D drawings by extruding heated plastic, turning it into a continuous filament that cools, allowing the building of the 3D structures.  Think of it as a finely pointed glue stick gun, where the plastic comes out in a fine string that can be used to create three-dimensional images of just about anything one can think of.

The 3D pen possibilities are almost limitless. But the 3Doodler pens are not without their challenges, which one could expect with a new product that has been on the market for less than one year.

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See the 3Doodler Pen in Action

To see what the 3D pen possibilities are, which may be difficult to envision, have a look at the video available on this link to see what can be done with the 3Doodler pen.

To ABS or Plastic It

The 3Doodler pen comes with two options for the drawing medium. ABS is available, as well is, Plastic. Both have their advantages, which are described below:

ABS and the 3Doodle Pen

ABS, and we will not worry about the technical name, suffice to suggest that ABS is sufficient, is a plastic that is low cost, and when heated and then cooled, forms a very strong and stiff material that is well suited for use in free-standing 3D drawing with the 3Doodle pen.

Advantages of ABS

Following are the advantages of using ABS as the drawing medium:


  • The ABS plastic is suitable for drawing freestanding 3D pictures. For example, if you wanted to draw a standing tree, the ABS would be the better material for drawing the freestanding trunk. The ABS is best wherever drawings are required in a plane that is above the horizontal, to the vertical, either in straight form or a twisted or other shaped form.


  • The ABS plastic is somewhat flexible if you require flexibility in a piece to make it fit either form or function.


  • The ABS plastic works best for drawing on paper outlines, for example, using a paper drawing to overlay the plastic, to be peeled off and constructed with other pieces into a 3D structure. An example that is commonly used is the tracing of the components of the Eiffel Tower from a paper plan, and then building the 3D model of the Eiffel Tower.

3D Pen Holiday Template Maple-Leaf-stencil

Plastic and the 3Doodle


The Plastic used in the 3Doodler is a made of a biodegradable material that is less flexible and more brittle than ABS. It can be worked to a much finer detail than ABS, but is not well suited for making freestanding, greater than horizontal plane positioned pieces. The plastic has its advantages, the following:


  • The plastic is more suitable than ABS for drawing acute angles due to its ability to be worked in finer detail.


  • The plastic can be used for making 3D structures, however, it is better utilized in these types of situations where the plastic is used to follow patterns, and where the pieces are then put together to form the 3D structure.


  • The plastic will stick to paper for long-lasting artwork. It has excellent adhesion properties.


  • The plastic is excellent for 3D drawing on glass and acrylic due to its excellent adhesion properties.


  • The plastic is semi-translucent and, therefore, works well in situations where semi-transparent 3D art is desired.




The 3Doodler, with its 3D pen possibilities, has opened up a whole new world for drawing, for artwork, for technical drawings and education. The 3D pen possibilities are almost endless, and just like other new products that hit the marketplace, they evolve, they get better and the price drops.


Just think of those first home printers that came out. They had few features, and they were pricey. Over time, the price dropped, they got better, and new features were added. We can expect the same with the 3Doodler pen, and we will see more and more 3D pen possibilities.


Here are some 3D Pen Templates for you to try.

Christmas Tree Stencil

Friendship Bracelet

Photo Frame


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