What Lies Ahead For 3d Printing Pens This Year?

3D Printing Pen New Features Coming This Year

Since you love your kids, you want the best for them. Kids are always looking for new, amazing ways of having fun with their peers. That’s another reason to give them a 3D printing pen. These new toys will amaze your kids, and you will be able to have a blast with them in no time. However, you need to bear in mind some important tips to keep your children safe while using a 3D printing pen. A 3D printing pen can become dangerous today because too much heat can be stored in the nozzle, so you need to pay close attention to this fact. So we are going to talk a little bit about what the future holds for 3D printing pens and the things you need to think about.

New Features

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The 3D printing pens of the future will offer tons of new features such as automatic sleep modes as well as slow and fast settings. The sleep mode will kick in after 5 minutes or if the item is not in use. This sleep mode will also work when the print-head temperature is just higher than 482 degrees Fahrenheit or lower than 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Many 3D printing pens today feature hot nozzles, but the 3D printing pens of the future will not have this problem at all. The 3D printing pens of the future will have more features dealing with temperature control and safety, and that is good news for every parent out there.

Great for Parents

Parents will be able to wander off while their kids are set up playing inside any room. So parents can clean those dinner plates right away or even chill for some minutes on a sofa. The 3D printing pens of the future will have a lot more filaments to choose from, so kids will be able to have a blast easier. Making holiday and birthday gifts will be easier than ever thanks to the advanced 3D printing pens of the future. Prices will go down as competition becomes stiff in this field.


The 3D printing pens of the future will use low temperature to work. This will allow more kids to use these amazing gadgets easily. Many of these 3D printing pens will be specifically designed for kids. These 3D printing pens will not work like any hot glue gun out there. However, these pens hot end makes them dangerous for kids. The problem is that most 3D printing firms out there are not thinking about kids as they cater these products to creative people. The 3D printing pens of the future will enhance the imagination and creativity of kids, but these gadgets will not be dangerous for them in any way.

Low Heat

3D printing firms will go back to their drawing board to make a 3D printing pen that does not need too much heat. The fruit of this hard work will be amazing as they will use filaments that can be melt using low temperatures. Kids will be able to draw some plastic rings on their fingers, and the boys and girls will not have to rush to any emergency room thereafter. There will be a low-melting point filament that will enable a lot of improvements in 3D printing pens.

Less Power Consumption

The 3D printing pens in the near future will not have to consume a lot of power to function, and they will not have to be plugged into any power source. Their rechargeable batteries will provide up to an hour of wireless use, so your children will not have to tether the device to a wall when creating things. Though powerful, 3D printing pens will cost around $40, and that’s good new for every parent out there. The 3D printing pens of the future will have simplified functionality and controls, which is awesome for toddler and little boys and girls.

Working Fast

These 3D printing pens will work fast. When we say fast, we mean it as these gadgets will be warmed up in just 30 or 40 seconds, and they will start out to extrude tons of filament thereafter. Kids will not feel even a slight discomfort when they grab the extruding tip. So a burn is less likely to happen with any 3D printing pen in the future. The plastic filaments that 3D printing pens of the future will use could be considered as eco-friendly. These filaments will melt at low temperatures but will become rigid again when cooled.

New Models

CoLiDo 3D Pen is a new 3D printing pen that is taking the 3D printing industry by storm. With an auto-retract nozzle and tons of user-friendly features, the CoLiDo 3D Pen is here to stay. This 3D printing pen has the safety and comfort you want to draw tons of things quickly and easily. 3Doodler Start is another 3D printing pen that you have to know something about. This 3D printing pen is a godsend for kids, as it has been especially designed for them. What this 3D printing pen produces is not dangerous for kids at all.

New Technologies

The 3D printing pens of the future will use ultra violet light instead of ABS plastic, as the latter gets hot easily. Moreover, ABS plastic might become dangerous for kids over time. The 3D printing pens of the future may use 3 ultraviolet lights that will surround the nozzle to harden a liquid resin. This will completely get rid of the risk of burns. So you will be able to give these 3D printing pens to your kids as gifts, as these pens will be safe for them.

As you can see, a 3D printing pen can be a useful tool for your kids. Your children will be able to have a lot of fun with a 3D printing pen, but you need to keep your kids safe at all times. That is the reason why you need to consider the new models of 3D printing pens out there. These new models will keep your kids away from any burn or something like that. As you can see, these gadgets are here to stay, but you need to keep some things inside your mind. Since the new 3D printing pens will have lower power consumption, you should wait till you find one of these gadgets with this important feature. Remember that 3D printing pens are here to stay, because the new model will feature low power consumption and low heat.