Why 3D Printing Pens Make Great Gifts This Year

What do you get the person who has everything? A 3d printing pen, of course. Perfect for everyone you know in your life, 3d printing pens will be something your parents, children, grandparents, boss, co-workers, students, relatives or anyone you know 12 years old and above will love. If you haven’t already heard of what a three dimensional pen is, it is actually a pen that allows you to create three-dimensional objects. The first time your recipient draws a line into the air is just going to feel amazing.
The way 3d printing pens work is that plastic filament is extruded from a pen and instantly cools in the air into a stable, solid structure. This allows you to create anything you can think of in the air, wither it is jewelry, decorations, architectural models or lamp shades. The possibilities of what you can create are unlimited. This printing pen can be used within minutes with no required computer, software or technical knowledge.

A Gift to Impress

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One reason 3d printing pens are going to be a great gift to give for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation or any special day you can think of is that it is fairly new in the market. This means that hardly anyone owns a 3d printing pen as of yet. The person who receives this pen from you will marvel at what a beautiful, new product it is and very easy to use. At the same time, the recipient of your gift will never forget how special this gift was, as it has never before existed in the market. It is a gift to be remembered forever and will reflect greatly on you as the most thoughtful person to give a gift. A 3d printing pen is going to be a great gift to parents, teachers, your boss, co-workers, as a company promo giveaway, for your children, relatives and even grandparents. Watch as your recipient marvels at this brand new technology that you have placed in their hands for the very first time. It is simply going to be quite an unforgettable gift.

Affordable and Fun

One of the best reasons why 3d printing pens happen to make a great gift is that it is both fun and affordable. Easy to use and compact, anyone with a three dimensional pen will be able to literally trace, sketch or draw freestyle in the air. You can even create objects and larger structures by tracing a template. The latest three dimensional pens happen to have a metallic, sleek casing and are more ergonomic as well as smaller in size. This means that you can take this pen with you anywhere you go, and as a gift, the person who receives it will love the fact that it really does not take up too much space for such a remarkable gadget.

Perfect for Artists and Non-Artists

For those who don’t really consider themselves inclined to art, the 3d pen still makes a great gift. Even with absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever, great creations and designs can be made. It is not a prerequisite to have previous art ability. Some of the most impressive, breathtaking pieces have been created by people who never thought of themselves as artists. A 3d pen is that everyone is able to enjoy, whether inclined to art or not. This is because anyone who is able to hold a ball point pen or a pencil will instantly be able to hold this pen correctly and write in the air, so to speak. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? After all, not everyone who writes words is artistic either. For this reason, even the most non-artistic person in your life will love the 3d pen.

Great Features

There are some great features on this pen. For one thing, there is stable, efficient heating which means that as you doodle, there won’t be any interruptions. Get expertly consistent three-dimensional doodles and be able to make minor adjustments in the flow with the manual temperature optimization. For continues flow, some pens feature a double click function so that you won’t have to strain while holding down any buttons as you doodle. Get a more customized experience doodles with the dual speed control feature. Your plastic gets cooled more efficiently with the quieter, more enhanced airflow. This makes it easier to doodle in the air no matter where you are. This pen is a breakthrough in terms of how it changes the face of doodling. More than that, it even looks cool. There are new nozzle designs created for crisper, better doodling performance. The latest 3d pens are created in such a way that they the button designs are intuitive as well as the cooling fan and the LED indicator positioning, which means you get to doodle into tighter corners with ease.

Another Level of Writing

Basically, 3d printing pens take writing and doodling to a completely new level. Considered to be one very cool invention, the first time you write in the air, you will immediately see what all the fuss is about. The line you draw in the air that actually stays there is just amazing. But how does it work? The way this pen works is first, to first warm the pen up by plugging it. Next, insert one plastic strand into the pen. There are 2 speeds and 2 arrows. Press your choice of speed and watch as plastic begins flowing out of your 3d printing pen. Connect and draw the lines of your choosing into the air and you can even switch colors in the middle of your creation by changing the plastic in the back. To do this press both buttons on the pen and this ejects the plastic. As you can see, this pen takes doodling on paper right to the next level. There are two settings for temperature that you can use with PLA and ABS refills. This pen is suitable for anyone twelve years old and above and can be used by people who are right-handed and left-handed comfortably. The heat up time is fairly quick and you will know the pen is ready by the built-in indicating LED light.

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