Z ZTDM Art 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen


Everyone knows that 3D printing is currently one of the recent and fastest advancing technologies in the market. The Z ZTDM art printing pen is a unique and innovative approach to 3D printing. Instead of making use of a complex, bulky and immobile printing devices in the creation of 3D objects, the Z ZTDM art printing pen makes it possible to design 3D objects using a light-weight, hand-held and pen-shaped 3D printing device.

The device works in much the same manner as some regular 3D printers in that it makes use of a molten plastic as the printing medium. The pen simply makes plastic polymer available as a colored filament ribbon, which then emerges in the form of a malleable ribbon at the end of the pen. It is possible to make an intricately designed object because the ribbon produced at the end of the pen readily sticks to similar plastic surfaces before eventually hardening. This makes the Z ZTDM art printing pen ideal for designers and hobbyists alike.

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Features of the pen
The Z ZTDM art printing pen has a number of features that make it ideal for carrying out 3D design. These features include:-
• The use of a low melting point plastic high quality plastic polymer
The polymer used by the Z ZTDM art printing pen is colored polyethene which has a low melting point. This means that the pen requires a low amount of heat to melt. This makes it possible for the use of rechargeable batteries instead of continuous power supply with the Z ZTDM art printing pen. This had the advantage of giving the Sinoute pen greater flexibility in its use.

• The use of multi-colored printer filament
The top of the Z ZTDM art printing pen has a hole at the top through which a colored plastic filament coil is drawn in to the pen. This colored filament of polyethene is drawn into the pen and put in a small reservoir in the body while in the molten form. A much thinner and malleable filament can then be produced at the tip of the pen. The color of the plastic filament used with a Sinoute filament pen is extensive which makes it possible to produce 3D designs that are multicolored. The available colors for the plastic filament include red, orange, green, blue, violet/purple, indigo, white, black, pink, turquoise and a host of other shade of the colors mentioned.

• Compact Light-weight design
The Sinoute art printing pen has a compact light-weight design that is durable. This means that a user of the 3D printing pen can use it for prolonged periods of time without tiring the arms. This is quite beneficial in that some complex 3D design projects might require long durations of continuous pain-staking design sessions.

• Easy of Functionality
The Z ZTDM art printing pen only has the on-off button and a button that controls the flow of the
plastic filament. It also has two indicator LEDs that are use to show when the pen is on standby, drawing in the source filament and melting it, and when it’s ready for use for 3D printing. The standby-function of the pen is automatic and thus need not be initiated by the user. The advantage of a limited number of control buttons means the user need not pay much attention to the continued smooth functioning of the pen. This allows the use to concentrate on the actual designing. Furthermore, the brief stand-by period, as the pen reloads its reservoir, is quite handy in that it allows the user to pause and then access the progress of the 3D design.

Pros of the Z ZTDM art printing pen
These are the advantages of using the Sinoute 3D design pen:-
• The pen has a light-weight hand-held design
• The pen is easy to use even for beginners
• The pen has a rechargeable battery with allows for wireless operation
• The pan can make use of a wide range of colored filament coils
• The pen exhibits a long-service life

Cons of the Sinoute art printing pen
The main concern of the Sinoute art printing pen is that the individual filaments used in the making of the 3D object remain slightly visible. However, this is a small con compared to the practical 3D design benefits provided by the pen. There is no doubt that despite the few drawbacks of the pen, it remains to be one of the best and most reliable for 3D designing.

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